Be Profitable

Komra Beth Salo, Has Personally Designed and Built
5+ Websites that Each Earned over $1 Million for their Owners

Examples of My Work


I understand what it takes to convert visitors into customers. Every custom web site design I create is formed around your business goals.

For sure, a great looking web site helps establish trust with your prospective customer.

But it must do more.

It must deliver the visitor from the landing page through to the completed transaction.

This is what I do. I create web site designs that turn visitors into customers.


Imaging having a web site that is well-built, easy to manage, streamlines your business, and actually frees you to focus on growing revenue and achieving your business goals.

I want you to receive a return on your investment quickly, so I scope your project to achieve that.

And because I build revenue generating web sites upon proven, reliable open-source platforms — when you hire me you can expect to receive a powerful, flexible web site that will serve you for years to come.


Yes. You and your colleagues will be able to easily add to, update and manage your site.

The power is in your hands. I provide training and support for you and/or your staff so that everyone is confident with managing products, fulfilling orders, updating prices, adding pages, changing the navigation, uploading pictures, embedding videos, and more.

And it will be easy. If you can type a paragraph in Microsoft Word, or submit a form on the web, you can update your web site.

Measure Results

I measure success by the numbers — checking the performance of your site before and after to verify the improvement.

How May I Help You?

I'm Komra Beth Salo,

I offer anyone that would like to tap into my experience, at least 30 minutes of consultation by phone.

This is at no cost or obligation. I want to be helpful, and if I am successful you are likely to remember that. You might recommend me to others, and it would be great if we work together. I have the privilege of working with some fantastic people and awesome businesses, and would love to help you be successful.

Email me at: